Medical Services at MCRCI

A significant number of patients find that the medical use of cannabis has a beneficial effect on disabling symptoms of their medical condition, without major side effects or risks. The Supreme Court reviewed enough compelling evidence of this to deem that a patient’s access to cannabis for medical purposes is a Charter Right. Health Canada’s Regulations require that the patient’s medical use of cannabis be authorized by a health care practitioner.
Not many physicians have studied the endocannabinoid system and the complexity of the cannabis plant as medicine, or feel comfortable discussing this topic with their patients. MCRCI’s services include assessment of the patient’s case by a physician who has both knowledge and clinical experience in the medical use of cannabis. If cannabis is determined to be a reasonable treatment option for the patient, the MCRCI physician will monitor and reassess the patient’s cannabis treatment program on a regular basis.

What we ask of you as the patient’s physician

MCRCI and its affiliated physicians recognize that a patient’s medical care is best served when all aspects of that care have the oversight of a physician who has an established longitudinal treating relationship with the patient. For this reason, we request that you make a referral of your patient. This will ensure that you receive a report of the MCRCI physician’s assessment, and that recommended treatments are not undertaken without your agreement.
Please take a moment to complete the referral form, and note if you have specific concerns. We will then arrange for a consultation by one of MCRCI’s affiliated physicians. If you are interested in working with MCRCI, have any questions for our physicians, or a general inquiry please contact info@mcrci.comMCRCI is not associated with any licensed producer.